Heading into Spring quarter

Spring quarter begins tomorrow at UCSD.  It’ll be a very interesting quarter, I think.  I’m taking Nancy Guy’s “Adoring Performers,” a seminar addressing questions of fandom, an independent study with Anthony Burr to prepare for qualifying exams in the fall, and possibly Carol Padden’s “Ethnographic Methods.”  I need another seminar, and that one seems most applicable.  As for TAing, I’ve got Music of Africa (deer-in-headlights, here we come) and a small assignment for the third quarter of Music History.  All in all it should be satisfying.

Also this quarter is the IASPM conference, where I’ll be giving a paper on mixtape sites and the re-construction of musical materiality.

As for performances, Aquapuke has at least two coming up: one on the UCSD Spring Festival and one on the NEW WEIRD SAN DIEGO METAL FESTIVAL.  We also might have another performance at Technomania Circus soon.  We’re working on two pieces right now: the Industrial Transsexual, based on the life of Kim Petras, the world’s youngest (officially/legally) transsexual who, through the process of changing genders also became a pop star; and a heretofore unnamed sci-fi epic about a young man’s quest to secure a stockpile of his galaxy’s most precious resource.

Beyond that, Ian’s imperial stout, brewed just this past Friday, is shaping up and will be ready by the end of the quarter.  There are a lot of miles to be biked, and finally my school schedule will permit riding almost every day.  Lots of good food will be made, and then of course apartment hunting starts at the end of May.  Exciting times!

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