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Yup, Aquapuke is officially a band.  Not only did we play the Che Cafe, we finally got a flyer that’s not done up in Microsoft Word.  The show was crazy in a good way, probably our most energetic yet (and boy, did it hurt).  Turns out substituting grape juice for wine didn’t make a huge difference.  Thanks to everyone who came!

Oh, the IASPM paper is over and done with.  It ended up going really well.  A number of people showed up just for my paper, which I wasn’t expecting at all.  We had a great panel with some very interesting discussions, as well.  All around a great experience.  I definitely feel a lot better about myself after yesterday.  Thanks to everyone for all your support!  You’re the best!

Because I’m so absolutely sure that there’s someone out there who is curious about Aquapuke but unable to attend a performance, I’ve decided to upload a recording that Clint and I made of the final rehearsal of Aquapuke and the Industrial Transsexual, our most recent piece.  It should be clear, of course, that this recording represents only half (or maybe less) of the performance.  Not only is it missing the unprocessed sound of the tuba and voice and the acoustic effects of a performance space (this is only what we patched into ProTools from the effects rigs), it’s missing the most important component of all – our bodies.  We imagine Aquapuke as not only a sonic endeavor, but also as an expression of the musical possibilities of self-inflicted bodily violence.  What you don’t get in this recording, for instance, is the sweat pouring into our eyes, the pain building in our backs as we approach hyperventilation, the extreme torment in Clint’s throat as he tries to get out one more primal scream, the intense suffering in my lips and diaphragm as I reach for the highest note possible after playing for 29 minutes, and finally the offering of our bodies as surrogates for Kim’s once we have died our musical deaths.  In short, this is nothing like the real thing.  Hopefully it’s enough of a tease to make those of you who haven’t made it to one of our shows yet to get off your butts and come THIS SATURDAY, MAY 30TH, TO THE CHE CAFE AT 8PM.  $6 COVER, ALL AGES.


Apparently the WordPress audio player plugin hates our music and makes it sound awful (or more awful, depending on your opinion).  So here’s a link for a direct download if you’re that interested: Download

UPDATE: Youtube videos of the show!  Thanks, CacaPeneVagine!

Aquapuke Part 1 of 2

Aquapuke Part 2 of 2

Aquapuke and the Industrial Transsexual

Last night was the (first) performance of Aquapuke and the Industrial Transsexual, a piece based on the story of German pop singer Kim Petras.  Clint and I aimed primarily to create a ritualistic feel for the piece, focusing especially on coming of age, the movement between genders, and of the consumption of the body via the media.  Basically, while I was shredding away on a solo, Clint served communion.  Body and blood, indeed.  It seems to have been a pretty big hit, and hopefully a worthy piece to end the 2009 UCSD Spring Festival.

I’ve been feeling myself edge closer and closer to either a heart attack or a stroke in preparation for the IASPM conference next weekend.  My heart has literally been beating above its normal resting rate for most of the last two weeks.  On a few occassions my vision has gone blurry.  I’ve often had to stand up, and oppositely sit down, for fear of passing out.  Is this normal in the run up to a conference?  Nancy tells me that conference papers “are fun,” but of course only after you’ve done it God-knows-how-many times.  I’ll definitely be ready to reprise Industrial Transsexual later that night, at which point I’ll get wicked drunk and pass out 4 rlz.  It’s been a long time coming.

I got a phone call yesterday, a couple of hours before the Aquapuke show, about a gig in La Jolla today.  The very nice gentleman told me it would be for a company that trains life coaches.  Interesting.  One of their corporate rules, in jest of course, is “no tuba playing.”  Another, as it turns out, is “no nudity.”  Interesting.  So initially the request was for a semi-nude tubist, but I put my foot down ever so gently and we went with fully-clothed tubist.  Basically the gig was: show up, play for a few minutes, and then go.  All in all it was a lot of fun.  Everyone was incredibly nice and seemed to like the performance.  And because they were life coaches (I assume), they had very, very, very, very, very positive things to say.  Quite an uplifting, albeit weird, experience.

On the whole, this tour was a great success.  To put it as plainly as possible, it was very different from what we had originally imagined, or maybe even hoped.  Then again, I’m not really sure that I had any particular notion of how things would go.

Jonathan Berger brought up the idea of brining us back in the spring for a brief residency (as in 2 days or so) at CCRMA to work with the computer music students.  We’re keeping our fingers crossed, of course.

The trip also allowed us to fully work out the plan for proceeding with our “catalog.”  We’re definitely headed toward a self-supported website, with all text released for free and all sound and video recordings under a generous Creative Commons license.  We don’t want to claim any ownership over the material, so this just seems to make sense.  That’ll hopefully go live in the spring or early summer.